Jul 30, 2007

Perceptions - Ever spotted a mother feeding her baby?

This could be - in your opinion - a rant in a 'what this world is coming to' genre. But I seriously wanted to speak out:

My husband and I were driving back home. At a signal,which also happens to be near a small temple, I noticed a woman, in rags (a beggar, most probably), starting to breast-feed her crying baby.

A mother myself, I told Sri that I pitied her state, wherein she couldn't afford even that privacy to comfortably feed her kid. My husband's view was - Who on earth would look (read: letch/lech) at a feeding mother?

Silenced for a few seconds, I asked him just one question: We are living in that world where there are kids, babies, who have been abused sexually and/or raped. There are people who can look at the innocent, helpless babies as objects of pleasure (for them at least). Would it be difficult then to letch at a mother who is, naturally, expected to feed her crying baby?

Would you definitely look away?

Jul 26, 2007

Wrote this long time back - "Limited"

I just discovered something about myself. I have limited – vocabulary, wit, sense of humor, money (oh yes!!!)…….kinda endless though I would like not to mention some of the other particulars of that “endless” list in order not to remind myself of the things that I lack or my shortcomings. One more thing is that, I also found out that I will not be able to do anything about any of them……My discovery of the list was in itself an achievement for me. I am surprised people do not recognize that when a person knows “who he/she is”…it ought to be acknowledged. No body gives me a damn…..another thing I know but not why!