Mar 9, 2011

Advait turns 1


So many things have happened during the year he's been with us.
  • Advait saw the light 10 days ahead of due-date
  • As with Aditi, some feeding issues....
  • Lot of tension at home with regards to my dad's office; no household help for my mom
  • Dealt (and dealing) with Aditi's reaction to her brother
  • Had to cut short my stay with parents by a month
  • Came home to a messy home with a 2.5 month old kid
  • Bad infections he had to go through right in his fourth month, given meningitis dosage of drugs, intravenous; constant depression we were in; suspected Kawasaki
  • Slow health and weight gain, a couple of months of relief
  • Total clinginess to me (amma) affecting my ability to work
  • Diwali in Chennai; Aditi akka's birthday' Nithi Chithi's visit from the US
  • Appa's new job, a new car in the family
  • The kids bonding with each other - still fighting for toys. Realising Advait (even at 10 months) is the more 'chalu' type and understood need to protect Aditi
  • A well planned and organized Ayushyahomam function
  • More clinginess like never before annoying me like mad
  • No inclination to take the first step and happy crawling away to glory
Love you, boy! A very Happy Birthday! Wishing you lots more to come.