Dec 10, 2007

Some strange inferences - 1

The title may suggest that I have this intention of writing a series, but well, I have no clue why I gave it a number - a Delete could have done the trick - but a thought struck me. What if eons and eons later I make one another such inference - I need not break my head to come up with a title for the post - me, so damn clever :)
Before coming to what 'inference' I made, I want to tell passers-by, who happen to read this, and those poor souls who came here to read my posts that - I am sorry if I happened to offend you in some way!
Here is my inference:
I sincerely believe that women (thats how much i know), when we go to beauty parlors, we get the best service from those women/men there who are homosexuals.
Hmm, aah, nah, comments rightaway. I am straight.
I just think the lady who did that facial for me yesterday is one lesbian (big time!!!). She was 'assigned' to me yesterday, by the manager, to take care of all my 'needs'. She did a brilliant job....and somehow left me thinking that way!!!
I dont have the nerve to ask her, anyway ;) So, lets leave it at that.
I kind of feel that, someone out there does not want me to write any more of my inferences. But, well ya fella, keep that to yourself. I have no intentions of stopping here!

Oct 22, 2007

Bitching at work

Some revelation this: Men bitch about co-workers, bosses, ex-bosses, ex-co-workers, much more than women do.
I'd read about this somewhere but did not experience it until recently, oh crap, until today!! Itis such a cool feeling. To bitch about someone - men and women together. We did just that in office today. Bleddy, who cares! Its such a soul-filling experience. You know that so many others hate that particular *person(s)* as much as you do. At one point a couple of us opined that we are being childish and/or immature in bitching about that someone. Nevertheless, we couldn't deny that we were happy doing it.
Come to think of it, a person could have such an overpowering effect, affect your thoughts, the process - its such an irritating feeling. I was reading the dilbert blog the other day and came across this post about 'hating someone'. I would kill too! :)

Oct 15, 2007

Long time no see!

It has been a long time since I blogged. I almost thought I'd forgotten my user name and password. Thankfully, in some dreamy moment in my life a couple of months ago, I must have changed it to my google - gmail id and also re-claimed my old blogs. I dont know why i did that last thing though. My older blogs, cant say how different it is from this one, were a series of my experiments with blogger and most of them mishaps too.
I started my first one - did not have a proper name - had read something about Germany and Autobahn and gave it a stupid name. Then I got engaged to get married. I ceased to exist on the blogosphere with immediate effect. My world revolved around my to-be-hubby dearest. We got married and then moved to Pune, a month later re-located to Bangalore and I joined work again.
There I began another one. Total waste because, I fell ill a month into my work, hospitalised, came back, recuperated, got pregnant, no time for anything else and now my baby is over 9 months old and I want to blog again. Dont know how longer I would carry on here, but the intention is definitely there!

Jul 30, 2007

Perceptions - Ever spotted a mother feeding her baby?

This could be - in your opinion - a rant in a 'what this world is coming to' genre. But I seriously wanted to speak out:

My husband and I were driving back home. At a signal,which also happens to be near a small temple, I noticed a woman, in rags (a beggar, most probably), starting to breast-feed her crying baby.

A mother myself, I told Sri that I pitied her state, wherein she couldn't afford even that privacy to comfortably feed her kid. My husband's view was - Who on earth would look (read: letch/lech) at a feeding mother?

Silenced for a few seconds, I asked him just one question: We are living in that world where there are kids, babies, who have been abused sexually and/or raped. There are people who can look at the innocent, helpless babies as objects of pleasure (for them at least). Would it be difficult then to letch at a mother who is, naturally, expected to feed her crying baby?

Would you definitely look away?

Jul 26, 2007

Wrote this long time back - "Limited"

I just discovered something about myself. I have limited – vocabulary, wit, sense of humor, money (oh yes!!!)…….kinda endless though I would like not to mention some of the other particulars of that “endless” list in order not to remind myself of the things that I lack or my shortcomings. One more thing is that, I also found out that I will not be able to do anything about any of them……My discovery of the list was in itself an achievement for me. I am surprised people do not recognize that when a person knows “who he/she is”…it ought to be acknowledged. No body gives me a damn…..another thing I know but not why!

May 11, 2007