Oct 22, 2007

Bitching at work

Some revelation this: Men bitch about co-workers, bosses, ex-bosses, ex-co-workers, much more than women do.
I'd read about this somewhere but did not experience it until recently, oh crap, until today!! Itis such a cool feeling. To bitch about someone - men and women together. We did just that in office today. Bleddy, who cares! Its such a soul-filling experience. You know that so many others hate that particular *person(s)* as much as you do. At one point a couple of us opined that we are being childish and/or immature in bitching about that someone. Nevertheless, we couldn't deny that we were happy doing it.
Come to think of it, a person could have such an overpowering effect, affect your thoughts, the process - its such an irritating feeling. I was reading the dilbert blog the other day and came across this post about 'hating someone'. I would kill too! :)

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