Nov 25, 2008

Dilbert's gone

I am removing the 'Dilbert' widget I had put up here - a lot of problems it caused when I opened my blog everytime....something in Adobe Flash malfunctioned. I am no techie and I just dont know what went wrong.
Its up there in one of my earlier, posts - but thats going to be a pain to look that up, everytime I want to read Dilbert. It used to be fun, to read Dilbert at you space - but like I said, too many problems - the IE closed down everytime I opened my blog and made it difficult for me to follow my own blog - thats punishement, I say!
I had liked the widget, though. So long, Dilbert.

Nov 19, 2008

The ‘draft’ thing

In most blogs I read, I come across this line – ‘I have a lot of drafts saved up and I will post them one after the other ….’ I mean I just don’t get that many ideas to keep my space up, one thing. Another, I don’t take my blogging so seriously. But today, even I get the opportunity to say that – not because blogging has grown seriously into me, but actually because I have a couple of posts I have ideas for and have outlined them in a word document.

Earlier, I used to log into Blogger when an idea struck me and posted about it live on my blog, never bothered to spell check, read through again, edit it and ‘present’ it. It was really push-button publishing for me. I pressed ‘Enter’ and my blog was updated with a post. Then I had no readership, and so not now too! But I am reading a lot of blogs, see the importance the bloggers attach to their writing and I don’t see why I shouldn’t maintain my space as neatly even if I am not read. My point is, I should read it years later and be able to see coherence in my thoughts.

So all ya people, I have some drafts waiting to be published and all you out there, better get ready to read it up.

Nov 4, 2008

Just that one?

I wrote just one post in the entire month of October!!! Pathetic....

*hehe.....even if dont write again in November, my post count is already two* *muwahahaha*

Wish you

...a happy wedding anniversary appa and amma.