Mar 26, 2008

Random Dumb Conversations

People who know me know that I am almost famous for this - absolutely random and dumb conversations. I do not consider myself eternally dumb though - I know that I am not the right person to judge this, but I thought I should throw in a disclaimer here.

The main problem with me is that I just do not think before I speak or many a times, even, write. The point of this post was not that - to ramble on about my meritorious activities - I saw a couple of instances where people spoke so dumbly to break ice.

We were on our journey back to Bangalore from Chennai where this is the conversation between Ms.X andMs.Y -

X: Are from Chennai? I meant to ask, is Chennai your native?
Y: No, I just used to work there. I used to stay at my aunt's. Just visiting you know.
X: Oh, so where in TN are you from?
Y: Oh, thats very near Chennai anyway (says something like Vellore, Vizhupuram or something)
X: Oh, really - do you know Vidya there? She used to work with me in my previous organisation. She comes from that place only.
Y: *blinks* *politely smiles* *no answer*

I mean look at this, Vidya from Vellore or Vizhupuram is so famous that even when Ms.Y didnt know which previous organisation this Ms.X was referring to, she needed to know!

I would've said "Oh, yeah, the Vidya who used to speak so nicely of you?, Yes, I know" or return it with "Do you know Karthik?"