May 11, 2009

Trust thy student...

In my Spanish class .....yeah, how else will you know about it?! My husband and I are taking up classes just to drive out some boredom of our otherwise mundane weekend...and we are almost through our beginner's classes.
Our teacher has begun another beginners' crash course and our class timings have been moved an hour to accomodate that. Out of sheer habit, though we remembered our timings, we reached the class earlier than our scheduled time.
Now people who know Spanish, know the 29 alphabets the language has. The 'las' and 'los' of the language, why no object has a gender but only the word does. Why you may ask. But why do you ask why? Thats exactly what one bugger was doing in the class. He was questioning why the language was like this, why did it evolve like this at all?
Now the teacher told him that she did not form the language, nor does she governs the rules of grammar or the sounds of letters and combinations. She teaches them, as they are. Fair enough you'd think.
Our smart ass tells the class then...."in some ten to fifteen years, even these rules are going to change. Trust me"
WTF? Trust you that the basic rules of a language that has stood the test of time and evolved with new words and such from the Middle Ages accomodates your views in some years?
Why does anyone want to learn a language at all? Why do you expect the language to accomodate you? Is it so difficult for a 20-30 year old guy to 'learn' or be 'open to learn'? I seriously want to shove something down his throat.