Dec 23, 2010

The Year That Was

A year in which I hardly blogged; not that I am a regular. But yeah, the boy and work together made it tougher for me to do more than just read blogs. The year which began with me yearning to just look at my baby, is ending with one boy turning naughtier by the day. The girl has grown up. My husband and I have fought more. We are together fighting more too. But I am thankful for what I have today.

I wanted to do a month by month update of what happened in the year which was 2010. It flew by. And I just don't have the words or time (???) to put them all in an order.

I have a lot of plans for 2011, many aspirations, desire to see some milestones whizz past. I hope I begin  2011 with a similar yearning as 2010 and end it with at least as much peace if not more.

For all of you (I don’t have any more readers, do I?) passers-by:

My best wishes  for 2011 to bring you more peace.

Happy New Year!

Sep 30, 2010

Aditi goes to Chennai

From the time Advait has come into our family picture, Aditi's behaviour has changed - slowly. I wont say if its for the better or worse, because, I am not sure myself. She is extremely fond of her brother some days, indifferent some other days or just plain angry rest of the days. I don't blame her. Advait's health has been a cause of concern for us. He caught some infections when he was 4 months old, had to get anti-biotics via IV. Some hell, some trauma and some drama. At one point, with his platelet count report, a doc suggested we do an Echogram for the 4 month old, to rule out 'Kawasaki', which had meant only bikes before, for us. I am not at a stage where I am fully free of worries about my kids' health. If Advait's recovering, Aditi used to fall sick. I was back at work and it was (still is) pretty stressful. Maybe all this 'caring' for Advait caught her fancy. Now wait, I did not begin this post to write about all this!

My in-laws planned for a trip to North India and my mom filled in for them to take care of my kids and hold fort here. They came back this Monday and when my mom left for Chennai last night, I sent Aditi along with her as her school was closed for Dusshera already. I'd ask her 'If she's go to Chennai with her grandma, and she'll reply with a firm No at one time and get fascinated by an opportunity to hit the beach and cry a thumping Yes another time. Not even 4 yet, my mom was not sure if she was ready. She's gone on trips with in-laws and parents separately before. But that was when Advait wasn't here. However this time, I was sure she should go, because, if she stayed home for 2 weeks, boredom will hit her and she'll wreck havoc at home with both of us very busy in our jobs.

Aditi left for Chennai with my mom last night. My parents are excited to have her, I know. Its a welcome change for my dad to break away from his packed and mundane routine. My mom's already planned some to-do things for her. So, all's well there *fingers crossed*. I hope she enjoys a week there, before she comes back home.

But things at home are not great! Advait's leaky nose is worsening. Sri and I are already missing our daughter like crazy. Advait's presence is not balancing Aditi's absence. It's a different feeling for me - with one not at home. Some heaviness in the heart. Hmm, I sigh. My in-laws miss her too. For them, its already more than a week since they saw her. They came back, wished my mom well and the next day, my mom and Aditi have left. This gives them and us a lot of time (the time saved running behind her, feeding, bathing and chaperoning) to rest ourselves. But we rather lose all our sleep over what to do with the brat or how to keep her occupied than wonder what she's doing there. Sri asked me if this is how we feel if she left for college. That's like a loooong time, right! We don't want to think about it.

We miss you already Adi kut. Have a wonderful time at Thatha & Paatti's. Get back home! (I'll give you your new paints & brush, promise)