Jan 20, 2009

How fair is that?

When, in a narrow lane, I overtake a car which is, in my opinion, being driven so slowly that I could get down and walk up to the driver of that car and ask him to move it, I am being only fair to the rules of the road.

And, when I am enjoying the drive or I know I am going to reach my destination on time or earlier and am ‘aaram-se’ driving and someone honks and I refuse to budge just to annoy him/her further, it is my right as a fellow human to do so.


When, in a narrow lane, I overtake a car and actually end up just ahead of it in a long line of cars in a traffic jam and the driver of the other smirks, I am right to exclaim (to myself),”so what, at least I am not behind the moron who badly needs driving lessons”

When, in a narrow lane, a car overtakes me and ends up just ahead of me in a long line of cars in a traffic jam, I am again right to exclaim (to myself, with a smirk),”now what loser, where have you ended up after speeding past me. You shouldn’t have done that you moron and you badly need driving lessons anyway”

When searching for a parking lot in Manipal Hospital, if a car-driver guides me to reverse my car out of a space and goes beep*beep*beep thinking I am going to ram into the nearby car, I am right in explaining (professing?) to him that I have judged the space correctly and he need not think lady drivers can’t drive properly.

When another lady driver in a narrow lane tries to overtake me in a not-so-blind curve, but comes face to face with a tempo traveler, in turn having to reverse her car to let the other vehicle pass, I am right in snickering and saying “Serves you right, lady!” and I am only more right when I follow that up with a prayer “God, please teach these women how to drive”.


But I think I am being fair enough!

Jan 7, 2009

I plead guilty

I forgot my New Year Resolution. Yes, I did.

There was just one thing I wanted to do this year and I forgot what it was. I don’t have the ‘resolution-taking’ habit. They don’t motivate me. I have never done the New Year Resolution thing in my life yet. Perhaps, every time some one asks me what I resolved to do that year, it must’ve felt good to say “nothing”. The first thing I do after I set the resolutions is to break them.

After reading a lot of to-do lists in blogs, I thought maybe I have a list after-all, nothing particularly to complete in this year, but something like “to-do before you turn xx”. But I am too lazy for that. So, I gave that a pass and just continued reading more lists, the best I can do to get ideas. And then, it came to me - in a flash. That something I thought was not in the lists of many, maybe because, the list-makers have all done it, or just because it wasn’t worth any mention anyway. But I hadn’t thought about it till then and the idea of doing it excited me. It wasn’t a trek or a hitch-hike trip or any such random thing. It was something very objective and the minute it crossed my mind, I knew it could be my ‘resolution’ for the year and that it is also do-able. My bad, I didn’t note it down on paper. I actually thought about writing it down, but thought to myself that it was so not on the other peoples’ lists and I can just not forget it just for the uniqueness of it. And, see here I am after resolving to do something this year, just about a couple of days back and wondering what it actually was.

I have thought out almost all options (learning salsa, baking more, losing more weight, which couldn’t have been an exciting option, a good holiday, bungee jumping, hhmmph) in my mind and nothing is as exciting as the idea that flashed across that day! Sadly, I don’t even know what it type/genre of activity it was. Laugh at me.
And dear people, this is my 5oth post in this blog, yaaay!