Dec 9, 2008

Blind, totally

An old friend of mine got married sometime back and I knew the guy she married but I didn’t know that they were going around. The shocking thing was, when I mentioned this to another friend of mine, she was surprised I didn’t know. I was probably the only one in the group who hadn’t seen this coming or even known when this was happening. You must’ve looked at the expression on my friend’s face when she asked me “you didn’t know they were a couple?”….I don’t ask her who’s-doing-what questions these days.

I miss things even if they are right under my nose, or is it only because they are where they are?! But seriously, it feels like Phoebe who feels that she is always the last one to know.


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah ..that happens to me too ! I'm always, always the last to know about these things ! Wonder why, but my guess is that I don't ask too many personal questions ( basically, try not to be 'nosy parker' :) :) ), and expect my friends to tell me if something big is happening in their lives !

Maybe it's just me !

Sowmya Srikrishnan said...

Hi Anon,

No, the point is, my friends would've come to know of 'things' without asking exchange of known glances, signs etc. And these ppl know of so many trivial things happening too!

Just that I miss these subtleties...I cant figure if someone doesnt tell!

Btw, thanks for stopping by.

Anonymous said...

I get what you're saying ... i.e. subtleties like reading body language, reading between lines/words etc etc, and I'm talking about the subtle ones, any one can read the obvious 'signs' !

I thought all women were born with these 'reading' skills ? :) :)
So I am genuinely surprised when you mention this !

But, yes, some of buddies also have this 'reading' skill very finely honed ...

Just not me !! I guess I must've misses that class when it was being taught !

BTW, nice reading you blog, keep it up ...and looks like you've yet to post the drafts that you've saved !

Sowmya Srikrishnan said...

Hey Anon

Exactly....i just cannot 'read'!

And thank you for the encouragement....pls to identify yourself next time you drop by.

Oh yes, the drafts.....on their way :)