Jul 8, 2009

I had so much to say

Harder as I may try, I am not getting enough time to blog….or is it enough dough? Bit of both actually. But I have been reading blogs, discovering new ones and all that. The thing with me is that I am not creative enough like many out there to make an interesting post out of mundane daily things. Not that anyone wants me to, but I feel what I write should be interesting to me at least. Don’t you agree?

I have also vowed to myself that I will blog more regularly. This year so far has been pretty busy for me. Jan started off pretty decently and the going was good until mid-Feb. That was when I was told that I may no longer be required in my then company and that all they have is a temporary one month project for me and they will take a fresh look at things after one month. I was over three years old in the company, settled in the system and was not looking to move elsewhere either. That shook me and my family up a bit. And what followed was a maniacal job search – I was ready to take up something, anything, interested, uninterested – it was like I didn’t have the power to choose. That was the time we realized how much our home loan weighed on us. If it weren’t for that I needn’t have scurried that way desperate to land myself a job. And I did find a job to my liking as well in about three weeks at no hikes that usually come with jumps. I mean, I knew I was desperate and they knew it too. For now, it doesn’t bother me. I am happy to be under the same roof which we have bought for us.

So, by then we were in mid-March when I got a job, in which I had to join by mid-April. My ex-boss (the new one for the temp project) made a huge fuss about letting me go easily. Having given me a no-guarantee chit for my stay there, I had a great deal of difficulties in getting away. While I hate to admit it, I broke down at a meeting with my boss (I know, I am embarrassed to bits now!), but such was my mental state then.

End of April, I got to know that my dad has to get operated for multiple blocks in his heart, then mid-May to end of the month was hectic with all that. I had gotten away to Chennai without my daughter for about 10 days and returned to find her down with fever. The entire family –my husband (Sri), my daughter (Aditi), my in-laws were all down with viral attacks, one after the other. I got it last. Aditi had run fever at 103 and I was there in Chennai crying and praying for her. My tense mom wanted me to get back right away, but thanks to my sister-in-law and Sri, I managed to stay back to take care of my dad in the hospital. Dad is fine now.

My daughter started school even with fever, for she had wanted to for as long as the entire last year. Our neighbor’s daughters go to the same school by bus, even if the school is just 10 minutes away. Aditi had longed to go by bus to school. She is doing well - learning new stuff; picking up vocabulary like mad, that I wonder how kids’ minds absorb things so fast; brining home friends to play. She is, in her own words – ‘a big girl’ now.
Here it is, July – more than half of 2009 is also done. I had wanted to blog like crazy. Things at home swung like the Indian Sensex, but all is well. I hope and pray that even if nothing gets better, nothing for no one should get worse – for the rest of 2009.

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