Oct 15, 2009

Happy Diwali

Festivals in the second half of the year also usher in a whole lot of birthdays and anniversaries at our household. Come July, we begin planning for gifts or shopping for us and rest of the family.
A week after Diwali is our wedding anniversary, a week later followed by my parents' anniversary, my s-i-l's anniversary, and a couple of weeks breather and bang! my birthday, then some religious festival, my m-i-l's birthday and before we know its end of the year. Christmas Eve is my daughter's b'day just days ahead of my husband's b'day and then we step into the New Year.
My second one on the way should give us some good respite between the New Year and March. But then that's almost the time when there are two other birthdays in the household :)
Life is good, with some madness of course. Some one from above there should just say "Thathasthu" (So be it)


PS said...

Your second half of the year seems to be quite packed! :)
Anyways, yeh sab toh ek bahana hai khushi manake ke liye! ;)

Hope you had a fun-filled diwali.

Sowmya Srikrishnan said...

Yes Souji, had a great Diwali and Aditi freaked out on crackers.

Good fun. Thanks :)

Swaram said...

U hv so many reasons to celebrate! Thatz awesome :)

Belated wishes for Diwali and gud luck with ur second one :)

starry eyed said...

Hey we have a lot of celebrations b/w October n March too! after March I get fidgety coz there's no special reason to go eat out at an expensive joint or throw a party:(

When're you due?! Good luck!

Sowmya Srikrishnan said...

@Swaram - Thanks for stopping by and for the wishes. Yes, in our place its almost like we earn from Jan to June to spend it all in teh second part :)

@Starry - Yeah, its sad when we run out of reasons to celebrate no? And when kids grow up we can vacation in Apr or May and fulfill our desire. There's still hope. Btw, I am due between Mar 19-23.

Swaram said...

This must be my third comment probably on ur blog .. hd lost ur url :) Glad to hv found u bk!

I remember one of them ws on Varalakshmi Puja post :)