Jan 11, 2011

What's for 2011?

The year has begun with a positive note....my boss decided to give me a 'decent' bonus though not a great hike. There's a story behind the not-so-good hike. Well, do I look like I've set myself up to be dooced? We'll am not revealing too much, ok?

Here it is -

My manager (Indian by origin) works out of the US and he had come visiting his team once during last year. I was just back from maternity leave. During a fun game of writing notes about his team, he made a rather serious comment on me (not) maintaining a healthy work-life balance. I was impressed. I hadn't expected him to have noticed my 'hard' work anyways. In the ensuing months, I ensured I took his advice seriously.

The d-day of performance review dawned and in passing he remarked that I was not available to work the way I used to be earlier. I mean, I seriously used to be working India time and US time (half-day!!). It had been very convenient for the team there to coordinate with me. Well, I received a lot of flak from home for that. I was fully preggers with Advait and I wouldn't budge from the laptop for even a timely dinner. So when the manager said what he did, it was a great 'Duh!' moment for me. I realised no matter what, by design, a superior is meant to do what he/ she is meant to do. Screw your happiness!

So the bonus was good to reflect the pre-Advait work hours and the hike, 'reasonable' to reflect the post-kid period.

Let's not begin the year with complaints, shall we? All said and done, I am happy wherever I am, as I had just wanted to continue working even after the baby. Kudos for the support I get and a million thanks for everything.

Here's to a happy 2011.

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