Dec 23, 2011


Started the year in Chennai. Talks of Nithya's wedding formally began (literally rang in the new year with that). Bought our second car. I still drive my Maruti-800, while Sri's turned the big car snob, grrrrr.

Advait's 1st bday preparation took most of our time. Explored and moved into a different role in the same company. Executed the b'day pretty well. Pat on our backs :)

Discussed Nithya's engagement date probables. Sri changed jobs, new company, better position. But little did I know I'm going to see lesser of this guy going forward. If I could call it an accomplishment, completely weaned Advait off me *sigh*

Tamil new year & Vishu celebrations. Nothing much actually - too much routine maybe!!

Nithya's engagement ceremony. Oct 31 fixed as the d-day.

School reopens for Aditi. Did a quick trip to Coimbatore for a function in the family. Did Advait's tonsure in Tirupati (left Aditi behind in Bangalore, a thing she still is not ok with). What a memorable trip it was. We came back with 30 odd laddoos for all friends and family.

Sudden demise of a family member (Sri's uncle) in Mumbai. Managed work and chaotic home somehow, with in-laws gone to help the family in mourning. Began wedding shopping for Nithya (she cannot thank me enough for the saree choices I made...but its a thankless job eh...being the bridesmaid et al).

Had one of the best Independence day weekends ever. But all fun lost when the cousin who visited us for the weekend passed away in a freak accident in Chennai. I dont remember much of the rest of the month except that I cried a lot.

We tried to move on. Work got a bit hectic. Did a LOT of wedding planning, shopping for the children etc. Did I begin carpooling to office this month? hmm..I think so.

Traveled to Chennai in the first week to invite relatives from my in-laws side for the wedding. Worked for a couple of weeks and was gone for about 10 days for the wedding. Super fun was had - the way I wanted to at my sis' wedding.

Got back to Blr on 9th from Chennai (celebrated parents' 30th wedding anniversary), faced some nanny issues back home, made some temp arrangements (split the timings between 2 maids so the nanny who complained could still make it to work. She was very good with Advait) Carpooler guys (2 guys and me) take me out on my b'day for a small treat. Sri surprises me with a bracelet. Love it. Its my everyday wear now. The carpooler guys and I go out for lunch the next week - my treat. In al, a good b'day. Generally bonding well with the carpooler guys - we discuss a lot of stuff, make a lot of pitstops (or say, bajji/ bonda stops :P)

Parents visit us for an extended weekend which was a lot of fun, with Advait entertaining them very well. Nanny turns tantrummy (like our house won't run without her presence - she lied to us and went awol for 4 days) and we fire her. Hmmph..good riddance. Found another one on the very same day. But as luck would have it, Advait ran away from her at sight and she tried cajoling him for 3-4 days and quit. We are nanny-less for the first half of the day now. Well, the world didnt crash there! Thats probably how we will stay for sometime. Aditi's turns 5 tomorrow and we've planned a b'day party with just her friends in the apartment like last year. Hope we have a good time.

Not bad eh....apart from all of this, the promotion I've been waiting for hasn't happened this year. But my manager says he will recommend in the Jan-Feb cycle. I am trying to evaluate my current career choice with the priorities at the moment to see if I am able to strike a already something up for me in 2012.

Here's wishing y'all a peaceful 2012!

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