Jun 6, 2008

I will also talk about it

I mean - etiquette.
Somethings have annoyed me and still do. I make a mental note of things that I shouldn't do. I end up only thinking about it. This time I want to write about it. Getting on and off a lift (elevator?).
People waiting in front of a lift, do so, just in front of the door. I am assuming that they want to be the first person to get in, when the door opens. When the door does open, I have seen people get a little irritated if the lift car has passengers in it, waiting to get out. Its a matter of fact thing.
These people want to get in even before those people want to get out....they try all means to do that. Say, if there are five people getting out, they typically file themselves one behind the other. The person who wants to get in, thinks he cant wait till all these get out. Tries to get in after 3 people are out, just in case, the 4th one is slow.....or gives the 5th one in such a 'can-you-not-do-it-faster' or 'move-it' stare. I promise, I've seen all this happen.
Now, dont you judge me by the people I am working with!

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