Jul 2, 2008

Romance and me

The title sounds like one of Mills & Boon’s romances. How many I used to read during those days, when all my friends had love-interests in their life (in their 10th, 11th and 12th standards!), and I, being one outcast that I was (read I am), would cuddle up with some romance like this and dream!

Even for being whatever I was, I remember to have tried to put off (what a big joke) some guys getting a little too friendly with me, telling them that I was interested in one of my cousin’s cousins and that he also felt the same way. I had also given the character a name and a qualification, MBA. Years later, I get to marry one (MBA, that is), is a different story altogether. Hell, suddenly all these guys were more eager to know about the love-angle of my life. They thought it was impossible for me to have such a thing. And to say, I kept them interested in my stories for close to 2 years is something. Isn’t it? I think I have been well qualified to direct a mega-serial and maybe I am destined to do one soon. LOL

Then comes the real twist to the story…..I vacation to my cousin’s place one summer and end up falling heads over heels for her cousin there (more about this, in coming posts) – just months after I reel this story out at school to keep those charming Romeos at bay. That helped me add details to the romance I never had, backed by the reams of imagination and fantasy filed in me from the M&Bs. I started something up, 6 months down the line I am smitten and fulfill my dreams with stories for another 18 months. And, I had one of the finest audiences one could ever have. Come to think of it, I think that’s why autobiographies sell. We are all nosey curious.

Believe it or not, I even conjured up a fitting break-up story to it, when I started finding one of my classmates more attractive than the character I’d created! How my friends sympathized!

Important Note: I am still friends with at least a couple of those guys from school and I know they don’t read my blog. But being as lucky as I am, I should only expect them to start exploring the blog world rightaway. If you are one of my school pals, then I sincerely apologize for taking you for a ride. But for that entertainment you sure owe me some money.

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தி. ரா. ச.(T.R.C.) said...

vacation to my cousin’s place one summer and end up falling heads over heels for her cousin there (more about

All well planned before.Why this drama?Mills and boons practicala apply pannathee sornakkathaan.athann appave sonnen chinna ponnu.....