Dec 31, 2009

Okay, until next year then!!! :P

I have been awfully tied down with work, ill health etc this month. I hope its a great 2010 for all of us.

I am pathetically late to post the post I composed for my husband's thirtieth birthday which was on the 28th of December. Well, just got around to publish it now - sorry, Sri.

And yes, a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all.

Those thirty things

Sri, wish you a very happy birthday. I wish you many more to come. May God bless you with a healthy, happy, prosperous and joyous year ahead! Of course, I plan to enjoy the journey along with you.

As you turn 30 this day, here is something for you – a list of things about you, some things I like and love in you, some things you don’t know about yourself or those you refuse to acknowledge

1. You dare to dream and also dare to live your dreams

2. You have such a good gift of the gab. Heck! I fell for that

3. You are the more artsy person of the two of us

4. You love Aditi more than you love me (Aditi loves me more than she loves you, ha-ha!)

5. You are a good sport more often than not

6. You swear a lot

7. You are so effing short tempered (No! It’s not pot calling kettle black)

8. You like to help people genuinely in trouble – no matter how much out of the way you might have to go

9. You love to fight me for Koorkai, but you also love to give up that one extra for me

10. You are a very good people manager

11. You hate to admit that I drive better than you do

12. You are pathetic in managing finance. Isn’t that why you married me?

13. You love to be pampered. All of us do. I agree. But you need to grow up, okay?

14. You don’t know you are a typical man who hates to ask someone for directions to a place

15. You are good at identifying and motivating good talent

16. You fear failure (again, all of us do) – but it doesn’t stop you

17. You are an absolute lazy bum

18. You regret losing your reading and quizzing habit – but don’t do anything about it

19. You still worship Maradona

20. You mean it when you say you don’t care what others think

21. You hate it when you are bound – even by your own promise. That’s why you don’t promise anything at all.

22. You don’t like clearing up any mess, more so if you created it

23. You are such a gadget freak. I am thankful that your fetish for mobile phones has slowly died down. I dread the day it shows its ugly face again.

24. You are penny wise and pound foolish

25. You hate to be sick – even before anti-biotic drugs start acting on your body, you would’ve already started your own mental fight against them bacteria. Amazes me.

26. Pet lover

27. A patient shopper, women would generally love – oh! But do you realize I usually have to stand all those long hours outside men’s trial room when you are trying out your nth pair of jeans for the day? Of course, you deserve a good deal, and the pregnant me so deserves a chair.

28. Okay – this is more like a quirk – because you are as tall as you are – you tend to sleep diagonally even in our six and a half feet by six feet huge bed. I am fat and I really need MORE space. Please, darling!

29. Tactful – and how! How can you be just my opposite!?!

30. I had to say this – you suck at Spanish! Learning sentences by heart won’t help you mister LOL

And I so love you :)


Sri said...


PS said...

I was initially confused why I was no able to comment on your new year eve's post..later realized that both the posts were actually one post!
Happy new year to you too and I have done your tag..sorry for the delay though! :)

The Print Lover said...

At first look, I thought it was the '30 things to do before you turn 30' list :) But your list is better and more personal.

You should ask Sri to list 30 things about u, LOL.

Sowmya Srikrishnan said...

@TPL -

Thanks. You will be LOL-ing all the way if Sri puts up 30 things about me. Seriously!