Nov 26, 2009

The Bucket List

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Who doesn’t have it in their list? – Travel the world. Yes, not just one place or country. The world – on all different possible modes of transport. That would be fun. Needs a lot of money, but there is no rule to a wish list, right? For now, I have a Passport. Thats all.

This one is going to be just me I think. I want to become a ‘subject matter expert’. This needs some explaining. Have you noticed the studs? The geeks? I was thought to be nerdy when I was in school and I had a tough time living up to the reputation and other people’s opinions of me. But I knew within myself that all I was doing was skimming the surface of my reading material or anything – and I just got lucky. I didn’t have to try or work hard. Now, what that has brought me to is, that I seem (to myself) to have a shallow knowledge about many things like art, politics, finance, cooking but no depth. I feel I thrive on mediocrity. I want to develop one area of interest where I can talk like an expert on the matter. I am not old yet and I believe I have a lot of time, but I want to be there. A place where people around me feel that I know the ‘subject’ in and out. I can answer all their questions – solve it for them. What I don’t yet know myself is what ‘that’ subject is.

Just. Stop. Being. Lazy – and some people will hopefully comment on how I have changed. I have no idea who those people will be. But they will speak well of my metamorphosis. I will then strike this off my list.

Turn heads at least in my thirties – I have always been this ‘gundu/ motu/ fatso’ girl so bleddy far in my life. My husband and I were really good buddies before things took a turn. So looks were not the first things we liked in each other foremost. After Aditi, I put on so much of weight that I morphed from a fat lady to an obese one. Thanks to a friend, who also was out of pregnancy then and who was more physique conscious, I started going to the gym and exercising with her. I lost a good amount of weight to start fitting into L sizes (you have no idea how big an achievement it is for me)! Now, I guess Sri was so attracted – he knocked me up, again! LOL. If all is well, I want to get back to working on myself again – I have 3 more years to officially turn thirty (I am so young and I have to rub it in). This time around, I want to look really slim and glam. Sigh!

Will I be able to learn to swim now? Okay, at least after I turn glam, I will have some confidence to change into a swimwear and learn this life skill. I really have to learn this.

Get drunk. Smashed. I have only gotten to the point of just slightly tipsy – so damn slightly that I remember what I said or did to not reveal my state. I want to break that jinx (I just need to have another drink) and spill a lot of beans. Or just sing with Sri. That will be amazing.

Read non-fiction. Actually just get back to reading. If possible turn into a voracious reader that I’ve always aspired to be. I don’t know why I haven’t had it in me to appreciate non-fiction. I just want to give it a shot and see if I really know why I like or dislike them. I think I have formed this 'non-fiction is not for me' opinion, without giving the genre any chance. However, I still have this big no for self help books. I may never change my opinion on that.

Take baking classes and be a star ‘baker’ in the family. Even if I just take classes also, I will be the only star baker in my family as of now. The others are only learning the art now. I am a slightly advanced learner. LOL. I have had an eye on this place for a long time now (over 2.5 years).  I would like to be baking like her.

I want to make my own vadAm and just not stop at only appreciating age old skills of making crisps (vadAm) at home. There are so many more traditional and contemporary dishes which I have to learn, some from my grandma, ma, and some from my mother-in-law. My sis-in-law swears by Mallika Badrinath. Maybe I can check her recipes out too. I am a foodie and I read somewhere that only a foodie can also cook well. So far I’ve pleased a good bunch ( 2 or 3 is a good bunch) with my culinary skills. I want to do better. I want to learn to manage time well enough to host a party with everything cooked by me. To me, the best appreciation will come when my kids bring friends home and all their friends polish off the food/snacks I prepare. I’d love to implement new ideas and also love praises. No, I am not going to make this a good enough subject for point no.2. I may change my mind later if I fear that I am getting really old but am nowhere close enough to even identifying any ‘subject matter’.
Dance. Freak out. Again this is possible, IMO, only after I turn glam. Turning slim is not a criterion, because I have the enthusiasm I need to get dancing. But I don’t want to dance in a traditional outfit. I have a feeling has spoilt me rotten. It’s gotten me thinking that a) I can get glam if I want – some fat women dare to dress the way they do and b) I may someday afford the Choos and Birkins. A BIG Sigh here! Getting back to the dancing thingy – my husband and I thought we’ll go learn Salsa, after Aditi turned two. Because we thought we were stuck in a rut. Sri opined that to enjoy the music, we should also appreciate the language. No regrets – we enrolled for Spanish classes and had a great time learning together – interspersed with some steamy moments, of course. Spanish + together – you should make the connection. Then we applied the brakes. We wanted some free weekends in between before we joined dance classes. What we do with the free time? Major fun – the result of which is for all to see in March 2010. This is one vicious cycle. You have moments of fun and there is this stuck again in the rut feeling.

I have to thank TPL immensely. I had some good fun doing this tag. So here it is – my official bucket list. All of the above are only for ME. I wanted this to be my bucket list – one I really wanted to prepare after I saw the movie. I am not doing anything with anybody or for anybody. I would die alone, for all you know. And the other person does the stuff without me anyway. So, everyone makes his/her own list and if we happen to do something together, we can strike it off together too. 

This is a tag, I am guessing, am doing really late and all of the guys I know have done it already. So I tag Sri (hubby), Nithya (sister) and Souji (friend). I don’t know if they will take it up, though. But I love the way all of them write, so I hope they do.


Vidya Venkat said...

Ponne, I loved your list, and I am shocked at how my list (no i havent officially made one) has 90% in common with yours - the only changes I would make are:
1. Do the travelling bit alone - no family, no children, no nothing
2. I have already started reading non-fiction

and then this lazy bum can just copy paste into my bucket list :D

Sowmya Srikrishnan said...

Hey Vidya,

I will tag you too. Will you write? I'd love to read you. Maybe you have a wacky list in you :)

Poppins said...

I loved your list - can't believe how much we have in common
- Vadams - check
- subject matter expert - check
- Spanish - check
- Some dance form - check
- Baking - big check (I've been dying to do their 3 day courses!)
And you're FIVE years younger (lucky you!) so you have lots of time to achieve all that!

PS said...

You got some great things lined up there! :) Would love to see you tick all those items off your list! I shall post very soon.

The Print Lover said...

A very honest take. And highly introspective. Well done, girl.

I can smuggle some of your items to add to my own list (reading, stop being lazy, swimming etc).

btw where is the 'done' bucket? or are you the kind that doesnt look in the rear view mirror? :)

Sowmya Srikrishnan said...

@Poppins - Thank you for stopping by. Maybe we should just take those classes together

@PS - Let's see what you have

@TPL - Thank you again for tagging me. Done list eh? Not sure if I have anything worth mentioning there. But yeah, will put that up next.

newmumontheblock said...

Hi there! Gosh we have LOTS in common. Actually we have everything in common (just stopped myself from re-typing YOUR list)except the reading bit which seems to be the only consistent thing I've done in life. Lemme just replace that with learning how to drive *hangs head in shame*
Oh and congratulations on the soon to come new arrival!