Nov 3, 2009

All set to fly away eh!

There is this new Tam – Gujju family that has moved in to the apartment below ours and they have a son who is a year older than Aditi. You know, where this post is heading already, don’t you?
The boy, Preet has become this great pal of Aditi’s and she really loves spending time with him – either at our place or at his.
So, this guy comes home last evening and plays with her and after sometime tells me that he wants to go home. So, I offer to escort him downstairs. He says no he doesn’t want me, he will take Aditi instead.
I tell Preet’s mom that I will pick my kid up in 15-20 minutes and let them go. As promised, I go back to pick her up – and succeed after a lot of tantrums and hue and cry.
My progeny comes home sulking and in a fit of rage she shouts “NO, NO, enakku indha veetla irukka vendaam. Enakku Preet kooda avan veetla dhaan irukkanum” (meaning - I don’t want to be in this house. I want to be with Preet in his house)
I need to get ready, I guess!

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Nithya said...

hahaha....yaar ponnu!