Nov 2, 2009

Strange Inferences – II

Disclaimer – Not intended to hurt anyone
See Strange Inferences – I here.
Now, where have we heard this ’72 virgins waiting for you’ phrase? Okay you can all Google it. I am not revealing more. But my idea is that – I am sure no God is as resourceful to provide 72 for everyone just for one act worthy of heaven. Ahem, and my other idea is that – dude, after you are dead and gone, its only your soul there – what use will that be to the 72 virgins.
Final question – what if the 72 are destined to stay that way! Man, don’t do something to get there fast – God definitely has some hidden agenda in this plan and your heaven is going to be as good as hell.


I said...

There is a good chance Moslems will burn cars and people over this and demand thay you take down this post.

Sowmya Srikrishnan said...

Oh well, then I will contest elections from my constituency - this could be my ticket to stardom

Hemalata said...

lol :-) i seriously think the idea is insane... (thinking on the lighter side, what if the 72 virgins were the same sex :P )