Nov 4, 2009

No, I am not a Grammar Nazi

Far from it, in fact! I feel my English and vocabulary went to the dogs some time when I left school and have stayed there ever since.
But, that shouldnt stop me from hating
  1. the usage of "n number of times" - Guys, its "n times" - remember the Maths equations we solved with n as a number by itself?
  2. loose in place of lose - nuff said
  3. Off course for 'Of course!' - what are you thinking? Just because we stress the 'of' while we talk does not give it an extra F, puhleez

These seem to be the first ones that come to my mind now. If I decide to keep updating this, I think this will be one post updated most times. I just may not stop updating it.

While on this topic, I would like to throw open a question - aren't we Indians very judgemental about a person, the yardstick of measurement being his/her capability or otherwise to speak proper English? Snobs, huh!


starry eyed said...

I get irritated by loose instead of lose too...can't u/s why so many make this mistake:) Another one I notice a lot, is 'many-a-time'!

Yes, we are judgmental and snobs too:) But then I say the same abt those who fall about laughing at my sad Kannada:)

Sowmya Srikrishnan said...

And, "one of my friend" gets my goat too

The Print Lover said...

What about "I didn't used to..". Argh!

I am a closet grammar nazi.. But I usually dont point out mistakes to ppl. Just cringe to myself!

Sowmya Srikrishnan said...

Thank you for stopping by Print Lover.

We will have enough to continue this thread forever, eh!

I am pretty much in the closet too, except when it comes to husband and some close friends.

PS said...

Add 'She SAID me blah blah' to your growing list!

Poppins said...

LOL - and you are right about the snobbishness!