Aug 6, 2008

Indian Born…..

I read this article on Rediff:

All of us in India, more so the media seem to think very highly of all those – Indian born, once –Indian, of Indian origin – people.
The most ridiculous was England Captain Nasser Hussain - - an Indian-born becomes English captain. Great feat, that.

I mean, agreed, they all glorify the average intelligence levels of average Indians, put or launch India on the global map. Yes, but isn’t this a shame? To identify everything remotely associated with India in a person, and say, this is what India is.

It is more pathetic, when the person concerned did what he/she did, without any support whatsoever from India in any form.

Who were those ladies who went to space? Indian connection found everywhere.

Be proud of India- mails – some x% of the scientists in NASA are Indians, this/these company/companies was/were started by Indians, blah, blah and more blah.

I would be proud, if some one even non-Indian did something here, than elsewhere. I am not bothered about the Indian connection in everything. I am a proud Indian.

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