Aug 19, 2008

What do you do when…..

…….you see a bottle full of water lying unattended at your pantry?

Facts of the case:
- The pantry lies halfway from your work station and the rest rooms.
- It is usually a practice for people to fill their ‘personal’ bottles up, leave it on the big table to proceed to answer the nature’s call.

Now, I am sure that you know different people drink water from their bottles in different ways. There are people who crane their necks and drink water from a distance of over 12 inches. They probably are the pure-brahmins (some ancestors of my clan) who feel the ion-to-ion or molecule-to-molecule contact should not be made. There are also people who almost lick off the brim of the bottles. I am not here to pass judgments on people by the way they drink from their bottles.

For hygiene sake, I believe that for a group of people to drink from the same bottle, the saliva-touching drinking from the bottle (with most of its neck inside one’s mouth) is not okay.

And, this is what happened to me sometime back – I fill the bottle up and as is customary (!!!), proceed to the ladies’ room to answer the important call. I come back and find my bottle at the same damn place where I’d left it, but only half full. The person must’ve graphically plotted where my bottle lay before, before drinking from it and replacing it.

What I ask here is – how could that person conclude that this bottle is not taken? Or, how could he/she be sure that the ‘owner’ did not immerse the rim of the bottle in his/her mouth for drinking from it? Yuck! Would you drink from a bottle, when the water source (lazy bugger!) is just 3 feet away from you? I swore and almost ruined the person’s lineage in my mind, before condemning the bottle to a dustbin. Eeeks….I shudder to imagine how that ‘offender’ must have consumed water from my bottle!

Why such fuss? You may ask. I am freaky possessive about my belongings. That was MY water bottle. I won’t use yours; you please do NOT touch mine.

Strangely, I do not mind sharing food, eating with the same spoon in a group, so long as the food is not gooey, in that case, I am not interested in eating it at all, or I really nicely bond in the group (beshtu friends?!!).

Ah! Now I’ve stopped yawning.


Sri said...

gwhhaaaaaaa hahahahah... Thannila ... un thanni en thanni nu enna irukku! Tanmilnadukkum karnatakavukkum ithunaala thaan prechanai. But I completely agree when some cursed moron would have used the bottle.. its rather disgusting to wonder what the guy/girl would have done before touching the bottle and if he or she licked the rim saying... "good till the last drop.

Idling in Top Gear said...

Actually, I've never shared "etchal" food or drink with anyone - relatives/ friends/ no one. It's a big, big pet peeve and my friends in HS and college used to yell at me for it. Personally, I felt that eating/drinking off something that someone had put their lips to was like kissing them and hence it was gross if the person was not my gf (or wasn't a pretty girl for that matter)!

Sowmya Srikrishnan said...

LOL the gf/pretty girl thing!
Thanks for dropping by.