Aug 19, 2008

Stop yawning

What do you do to stop yawning?

Agreed, it could be purely the play of oxygen and carbon-dioxide inside you that is causing so much of it…but if it happens once an hour, maybe, it is fine. Now, I would like you to picture one lady (me) at the computer yawning every 2 minutes. I am just not able to stop yawning.

I have finished whatever I had to do, for the day. I have read those blogs that I usually read…most of the bloggers apparently have something else to keep themselves occupied and hence have not updated their spaces. I tried hitting the ‘Next blog’ button on Blogger, but it takes me to all those random blogs, in so very many different languages. I finally am bored of all things – I am yawning and I am not able to stop.

The only way I thought I could help myself is ask my readers (kitne aadmi hain? One, two?), how to.

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